For all you tickle lovers we bring you a feast for your eyes and ears!
Olo is the most ticklish model we've had so far, he is UNBELIEVABLY ticklish! This juv delinquent who's very familiar
with knives, gang fights, petty crimes has got this bizarre weakness we exploited thoroughly. Because of his 'past'
Olo is frequent visitor in various police stations, those encounters are not tea-parties, and he's taken lots of beating
there so far but no one has tried this one on him yet. So it's time we make this up for him.

We stripped him, tied to the couch and then went on and on... Olo went hysterical, nuts even mental I dare say.
You just listen to his machine gun laughter, swearing, begging, screaming, crying. Each tool we used worked very
well on him. From each spot (feet, tummy, balls, cock, etc) we got brilliant response. He begged us to stop
but well... After we'd finished he was so weak and exhausted that even a little girl could easily beat up his arse.

Starring: Olo, Lukasz, Cosquilles

Runtime: 25 minutes

1280x720    934 MB

Price: $ 8.95

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