Super hot best friends having his feet worshipped and tickled together!
At the beginning it seemed to be just normal worship video. Two best friends, tough Olo and masculine Victor are probably the hardest fighters in a city. They share almost everything - clothes, girls, money and have even common criminal childhood. Month ago they were arrested for beating and kicking gays participating in the Gay Pride! Fortunately they share also the lust for money...
With the best friend next to him, Victor felt completely safe and relaxed. I started licking his worn trainers and dirty white socks. Then I took them off and started worshipping the pair of perfectly shaped big feet. Olo was constantly laughing being aware what will happen next. I took his Adidas trainers and smelly socks off and started licking his extra smooth soles and sucking warm toes. I was in heaven worshipping four straight boys' feet at the same time and watching the real agressive fighters dying in a tickle agony with every single move of my tongue!
Now they share also the same tickling gay experience...

Starring: Victor, Olo, Lukasz

Runtime: 20 minutes

1280x720    888 MB

Price: $ 6.95

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