I was really horny when I realized that I will be the first man in Olo's life that will touch him in the sexual way.
To be honest, I didn't care about his homophobic attitude - I wanted to lick his trainers, socks and soles
because it's not common to have a permission from the rebel tough boy to do whatever you want with his smelly feet.

I started licking his worn Adidas trainers, touching his sexy legs and cheeks. When I took off the shoes
I was in heaven - his white socks were full of sporty male aroma... But when the boy was barefoot, I noticed that
every move of my tongue is a real tickling torture to him! He was constantly laughing even when I softly touched his
soles with my fingertips! I must confess - I am in love with straight Olo's feet!

Starring: Olo, Lukasz

Runtime: 15 minutes

1280x720    665 MB

Price: $ 4.95

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