All tickle lovers! Fun continues!!!
This time it is Victor's turn to face the torture. Like his best buddy Olo he is a frequent visitor at police stations too and and has got great moments there. He told us that once they stripped him naked, tied to very heavy old radiator and kicked his arse with really hard boots. That story gave us an inspiration so we decided to repeat it.
We stripped him naked and strongly tied him to bed but kicking was replaced with tickling! And this time it was more unbearable for him to stand it... It may be he's good with getting beaten but definately not good with getting tickled! See him rolling all over the bed, swearing, gasping, laughing like crazy. See his whole body writhing, crunching toes, wrinkling wide, large smooth soles. It was such a fun to tickle him that even his best friend joined in and tormented him too. He was jumping so much on the bed that I even had to sit on him while Lukasz and Olo worked on him with no break.
Eventually we finished the act. Now we're going to give some advice to the police regarding best interrogation techniques they could use on blokes like Olo and Viktor.

Starring: Victor, Lukasz, Cosquilles

Runtime: 20 minutes

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Price: $ 6.95

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