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video added on 23rd November 2022

Handsome guy's wide big feet require a proper treatment!

This is the first video I've made with new model Jonas. Totally heterosexual 19-years-old boy has a difficult character that probably comes from a difficult adolescence. As a result, he's having constant arguments with his parents and keeps on trying to run away from family house even it means being almost homeless.

And that's the best opportunity to catch him for a shooting. Spending two weeks outside with his worn smelly trainers on, in a hot summertime Jonas' feet are not only extremely sweaty but also quite rough, tired and a bit callused. Therefore I decided that the first fetish video I should make with that very handsome young guy would be an intense and proper pedicure. And this is the first time ever when Jonas has any kind of male-on-male contact.

He is sitting on the couch barefoot, only with a tight speedos on. Having his big feet greatly exposed I start massaging Jonas' soles and scratching a few callused spots on them. Soon I apply some caring spray on his feet, especially between toes. Next I continue treatment using intensive foot softener to soften and condition these sexy big male feet. I don't want Jonas to have even an inch of dry and cracked skin on his soles so I want to do that pedicure as professionally as only possible. Young straight fellow keeps his wide feet perfectly displayed but it looks he's a bit embarrassed having them so intensively examined by another man.

When Jonas' soles are nicely softened, wet and visibly shiny I tell him to wiggle his toes and spread them as widely as he can. As you might suppose all that pedicure time and foot exposing by a completely heterosexual handsome bloke make me extremely horny so I start wanking myself off. After a few minutes I tell Jonas to lay on his stomach and expose these big wide feet even better as I want to apply another special 'cosmetic' on this shiny male soles. Soon they are entirely covered with a lot of hot jizz and I'm sure it will soften straight guy's feet perfectly. Now they are ready for a further kinky stuff!


Starring: Jonas, Lukasz

Runtime: 21 minutes

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