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video added on 22nd January 2021

Heterosexual Stas has one of the most perfect feet I've ever worshipped!

I've had a lot of doubts that heterosexual boy Stas could allow me to do any male-on-male contact with him. He is so shy and close-minded... But I do love his smooth and perfectly shaped feet so I got to to do my best to convince him on much more advanced kinky work. So today I have Stas completely barefoot and waiting for the proper worshipping - for the first time in his young life ever:)

I've been running the site for over ten years so I am worshipping many straight guy's feet but in that case I can truly admit - this young boy has the most sweating feet I've played with! What's more, not only his trainers are nicely smelling. With every single move of my tongue around his soles they get more and more sweaty and even stinky (probably because of some unexpected and completely new emotions).

Honestly, all that time made me so horny that I told Stas to get completely naked, expose his tight virgin boyhole and start jerking off - with a smelly sock around his erected cock! These heterosexual feet are created to be worshipped - with such a great male aroma!


Starring: Stas, Lukasz

Runtime: 36 minutes

1280 x 720

HD: 1.50 GB

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