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video added on 20th March 2022

There's nothing more humiliating for a heterosexual and even a bit homophobic young boy than having his naked body including tight virgin boyhole totally exposed for our kinky pleasure.

Today poor boy Stas has to take it all. Knowing how much he's desperate I want to torture Stas' anus as much as possible looking at his bare feet uncontrollably moving whilst that horrific anal agony. Young guy is simply crying, begging for mercy, definitely wants me to stop that painful procedure. But no way, poor Stas. Your tight heterosexual asshole must be penetrated and widely stretched as long as I only want to!

The best thing is that Stas really hates it. He feels not only completely degrading but also totally humiliated. Totally naked, strongly tied up, feet exposed and recorded with my kinky camera. That boy has the most horrific minutes in his young life.


Starring: Stas, Lukasz

Runtime: 26 min 47 sec

1280 x 720

980 MB

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