I know my website concerns mostly on straight Polish boys. But in these hard times we have nowadays in that part of Europe I think you might be happy to see also some new models from our eastern border. I am sure that in your personal opinion, there's no visible difference between Polish or Ukrainian boys. We're both Slavic anyway! Many people have recently came to Poland as refugees. They are mostly women with their kids but luckily, still we have some young male Ukrainians who started living here before that awful conflict.

One of these guys is Vadim - very handsome young man from Odessa. He is totally heterosexual, tall and slim but well-built, with extra smooth feet and truly intelligent look, not saying about his sexy smile. That nice guy came here a couple years ago so he hasn't been personally fighting in that warrior games recently. Nevertheless, Vadim is militarily well-experienced.

Now he needs some quick and easy money. You're welcome, sexy Ukrainian boy! We are more than happy to have so stunningly handsome male refugee as you! But he must understand one important thing - there's always something for something, especially when it comes to such a sexy male feet as Vadim has.


Age: 25      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.85 m/75 kg/43.5 EU (9.5 US)      Sexual orientation: heterosexual      Ticklish: a little