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video added on 24th December 2022

Tough straight guy is being stripped naked and shaved like an obedient sheep!

In spite of being only 18, heterosexual Jonas is not only really handsome young man but he has a very serious and responsible attitude to adult life. He wasn't the best student at school but now he wants to finish the course, pass the exam and starts working as a professional barber. However, with a face of movie star, great body, big sexy feet and constantly hard cock I'm going to broaden his horizons and invited him to my 'private hairstyle studio' - to take advantage of Jonas in the most kinky way!

Young straight boy comes nicely dressed with his sporty clothes and sexy air force Nikes on. He starts feeling his greatly developed body and judging by that bulging tight shorts Jonas is horny from the very beginning. Soon I start touching strong arms' muscles, great chest and play a bit with his hairy and sweaty armpits (Jonas admits being quite nervous and embarrassed about all that scene - this is the first time when he's being touched by another man). The right shoe is taken off as well as a sock and poor boy has to open his mouth to keep that sweaty and stinky thing right inside there. While Jonas straightens a leg to expose bare foot to the camera I massage his swollen crotch and torment that perfectly ripped body with another smelly trainer making him to sniff it as well.

Even though Jonas is a really tough and a bit arrogant young straight guy soon he loses his confidence as I tell him to stand up and drop these sexy blue shorts. He has no underwear on so all his genitals - semi-erected cock and big dangling nuts - are greatly shown off. But what surprises me the most is how hairy Jonas' crotch is! It looks like he's never shaved his lower part of body so this is the moment for me to start doing my job as a pervy (and horny) barber. I brush out properly his lush pubic hair and soon I start cutting them with a pair of sharp scissors. Jonas has to sit obediently with hands above his head as I take care of his new pubic hairstyle. It must be really degrading time to him, especially when I start slapping these already unsheathed pulsing balls. To humiliate him even more I take an electric hair trimmer and start shaving him like an obedient sheep.

Well, I am more than sure that it's been the best idea to remove all that heterosexual pride and confidence from that barely adult tough handsome man. With his already shaven, vulnerable nuts and cock Jonas is now ready to be exploited even more. And undoubtedly he will remember these humbling moments every time he'll do his work as a professional barber.


Starring: Jonas, Lukasz

Runtime: 21 minutes

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