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video added on 28th October 2022

Cute straight blond boy masturbates while his feet are worshipped!

Have you ever been dreaming of playing with a guy who works as a shop assistant in a local grocery and you meet him every day? Yes, me too! And that's why I'm so glad that fine-looking blond boy Kelvin, 19-years-old agreed on making some foot-fetish video for us, even if it's completely new experience for this sexy straight teenager.

Today I want to worship his sexy smooth feet. They are incredibly ticklish so I wonder about Kelvin's reactions while having his soles intensively licked and each toe properly sucked. But after all I must confess - it's been one of the best worship videos I've ever made with my models.

Young boy is laying on the bed obediently with his own All Stars trainers on. At the beginning he is a bit shy but soon he starts playing a dominant role and I think he even enjoys it! Kelvin kicks my face with these shoes and tells me to lick soles of them. Soon I take one trainer off and start sniffing and licking bare left foot of Kelvin. What a fantastic male aroma! I do really like boys' socks but to be honest - there's nothing more exciting that bare boy's feet put on your face straight from his own worn trainers. I lick sole of Kelvin's right foot properly and start sucking his toes. Blond boy is getting more and more horny and soon he wants to fuck my face by putting entire foot into my mouth and throat. I also want to tease him a little by licking and titillating sensitive skin between Kelvin's toes. Soon his another shoe is taken off and I worship his entire left foot intensively smelling that amazing aroma. I put cute boy's feet up and lick both soles at the same time. Even though he might describe himself as a 100% heterosexual it's obvious that Kelvin enjoys that action not less than I do! He moans and breaths deeply trying to dominate my face and mouth with his incredibly sexy smooth feet.

Next I want to get him naked so I grab his crotch and what a nice surprise - I can feel his cock growing up so I massage his genitals while he puts his both feet on my face. Soon Kelvin takes one of his trainers and starts pushing it strongly against my face, nose and into the mouth. Wow, I've never expected that this young cute boy can be such a dominant one! He fucks my mouth with all his boyish toes and tries to put an entire foot down to my throat. The more Kelvin humiliates me with feet the more horny he becomes so soon I take off his shorts completely and start wanking his hard and perfectly erected cock. Exciting boy puts his both legs up in the air so I can worship his soles playing with his penis and massaging his balls and tight hole at the same time.

Undoubtedly, I don't remember such a huge hard-on of straight guy while having his feet worshipped by another man! Therefore I want to play with it even more so next I start wanking Kelvin's cock with one of his smelly trainers. Cute teenager is getting more and more exciting, moaning and gasping, wiggling his toes and making me to polish every inch of these smooth soles perfectly. Kelvin also wants to sniff his own shoes while he masturbates and I'm very sure he's now ready for some more kinky actions... Wow, it's been one of the most exciting worship scene I've made!


Starring: Kelvin, Lukasz

Runtime: 24 minutes

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