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video added on 28th May 2021

The strangest tickling video I've ever made! Please have a look at Stas' hands and arms - he confessed afterwards his hand muscles had been totally paralyzed and unable to move while his feet had been mercilessly tickled!
Well... It looks like every ticklish guy reacts in a very different way:) But that's what I like the most!

After over 10 years of doing foot-fetish content with straight and unexperienced boys I might say that more than half of them aren't too ticklish. That's a shame but it's simply hard to change. However, still there are a lot of good looking guys who react perfectly - their feet are extremely ticklish and sensitive. And that's what I love the most!

So today I would like to present you another one tickling video. This time with a poor boy Stas, only 21-year-old, totally straight and with no experience when it comes to any male-on-male contact. Do you think he's ticklish? Just have a look at his first seconds of foot tormenting! That boy is simply amazing - I asked my best friend Wojtek, who's the great tickling master to torment Stas' naked body and bare feet as much as possible.

Wojtek has no mercy for Stas. His naked ticklish body is in a constant agony from the very beginning. His smooth soles are constantly tormented, also with a sharp pin-wheel. Soon this boy starts to beg for mercy - he's about to pass out! But we completely do not care - his naked body and bare feet must be tormented even harder! As a result - poor boy Stas starts showing very crazy reactions - laughing, screaming, begging both of us for mercy! He's been so tickling tortured that he even lost control in is arms afterwards. His arms and hands are truly paralyzed but we still continue our crazy plan for his boyish feet and slim naked body! To sum up - young straight boy has just been tickled with no mercy - till his body says 'no' with tears in his eyes and with some problems with breathing...


Starring: Stas, Lukasz

Runtime: 21 minutes

1280 x 720

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