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video added on 30th August 2020

This panic-stricken heterosexual boy has never been touched by the other man...

Cute Stas is a very shy straight boy who has never done anything with another man. As he needs some quick work we invited him for a long and exhausting tickling marathon. 22-years-old Stas is visibly stressed and nervous when his tender bare feet are greatly displayed for oncoming torments.

First, these sensitive soles are slowly teased with finger tips. I have no doubts that this shy straight boy has simply awesome feet - smooth and soft, perfectly shaped with meaty toes and wide heels. His tormentor is sitting on the side so in that way Stas' sexy legs and feet can get long and intense torture action. Poor boy is shackled and squirms trying to avoid the tickling fingers.

Next, his ticklish soles are scratched and scrubbed with many useful tools - a sharp pencil, toothbrush and tough wide plastic brush. With every minute of that tormenting young boy's feet are getting more and more ticklish and responsive. These teasing fingers keep on torturing scared boy's feet so poor Stas is dancing and shaking on the bed in a tickling agony. He breaths deeply, laughs, moans and begs for mercy but there cannot be even the shortest break! He clamps his toes in the uncontrolled reactions and tries to hide his face with hands. To torment these extra sensitive soles even harder soon they are tickled with both hands but this time with a torture rubber gloves on! In spite of all his efforts poor boy can't avoid that torture and he keeps on laughing and breathing loudly all the time as he gets it really good. Once it seems Stas can't take any more scared boy is finally allowed to relax. Undoubtedly that was the most exhausting time in his short life - but only so far!

This video clips was recorded with two different cameras so you can be sure to see every inch of young boy's feet while being severely tickled.


Starring: Stas, Wojtek (the best Tickler finally is back!)

Runtime: 32 minutes

1280 x 720

HD: 533 MB

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