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2nd December 2019

Young sporty boy Igor took part in a barefoot audition some time ago. Today he's back - more cute and even more broken so it couldn't be enough just to take the trainers and socks off. In the second casting he has to show off everything so after exposing his sexy smooth feet Igor jumps on the table and displays the most intimate parts of him. OVER 100 HIGH-RES BAREFOOT AND NAKED PHOTOS ADDED!
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25th November 2019

It's the time to lose an anal virginity for a real broken daddy Emil. As soon as he gets naked and jumps to the bathtub he must clean himself properly including his tender meaty feet. Next I pour a lot of cold water into Emil's virgin boyhole but it's not the end. This time I also want to penetrate his heterosexual anus intensively using that invasive cleaning tool. Just have a look at his grimacing face - it says everything!

18th November 2019

I was very surprised some time ago when I called for a taxi. OMG, what a young cute boy was driving that car! Of course I decided to tell him a little about my work and fortunately Yulian decided to exchange our phone numbers. Soon he texted me asking about any chance to earn some money. Wow! Sure I want to see him barefoot and stripped - so Yulian has recently come for his first barefoot and naked casting! He was constantly very shy and a bit scared but I managed to take over 140 high-res photos oh his feet, cock and even that sexy hairy arsehole!

10th November 2019

Today shy Alek is sitting barefoot on the bed and exposes his ticklish feet for our pleasure perfectly:) He definitely tries his best to show off every inch of these smooth soles. Soon Alek gets completely naked and starts playing with his sexy feet and slim boyish body. He has no problem with getting hard quickly and it looks he even enjoys it - just have a look at the rapid moves of his suckable toes! Next this straight boy must prove us how much flexible his body is. I want him to suck his toes on his own and it looks like this obedient boy doesn't mind it at all - he tries hard to suck every single toe of both his feet and even to lick the sweaty spaces between them! SELF FOOT WORSHIP VIDEO JUST ADDED!

4th November 2019

Honestly, I never use viagra pills for my models during a shooting. Therefore I am always very curious when they get totally naked - how do their cocks react in such an embarrassing moments? I know they all are always completely straight so I cannot complain if they are not having fun too much. But fortunately young footballer Milosz is someone beyond all the schemes. He is not only very talented soccer player but being so young and barely experienced in straight sex - Milosz gets full hard-on once only he gets naked! Undoubtedly he is just a straight sex-machine and I love working with him - his erected penis is simply asking to be constantly photographed! This time I also want to take a lot of close-ups of his awesome bare feet as well as his tight virgin arsehole. HUGE PHOTO SET - OVER 150 HIGH-RES PICS - ADDED TODAY!

28th October 2019

Incredibly severe bastinado and very painful walking on many sharp caps still wasn't enough for me to finish humiliating poor straight waiter Karol. Next I want to defil his extra handsome face! Young Polish waiter is not only made to suck me hard and rim my ass but he also has to drink his own pee directly from... his own shiny shoes! SEE THIS CUTE NAKED STRAIGHT BOY BEING DEEPLY MOUTH-FUCKED!

19th October 2019

Extra cute but totally broken teenage boy Daniel has recently decided to take part in another shoot for our entertainment. He's more than panic-stricken with a vision of having his smooth sensitive feet beaten once again (he took part in the very long bastinado video a few months ago) but if he really wants to be paid - I want to torture these awesome soles once again. And this time it must be even harder! Poor boy agreed on everything but soon he's going to regret it...



Straight Boy Tickled


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All models were 18 years old or older when they were photographed.
Warning! This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only! By entering this site, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
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