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13th July 2019

I've never expected before making that crazy video that such a brave and sporty straight man like Tymon could completely lose control when it comes both to the mental fear and physical pain. Surprisingly I notice that he is just about... to poop! What a great and funny feedback from a sporty heterosexual young man! It looks that he suffers seriously - and I like it, of course! But I don't mind his pain or dirty hole, to be honest. I'm going to whip his wide meaty feet and really tender arse cheeks AS MUCH as possible - completely with no mercy! Poor boy reacts in a very 'animal' way - he even started pooping like a kid... But even with dirty ass - he must be caned with no mercy, haha! ARE SURE YOU WANT TO SEE THIS VIDEO?
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6th July 2019

I am very sure that today you will fully understand why I agreed on making long bastinado video with Daniel a few months ago - even when he refused to show us his inredibly cute boyish face then. Finally I convinced this shy 18-years-old student to come back for his second shoot! But this time Daniel is not allowed to keep his sunglasses on. He must show off not only his perfectly smooth (and very ticklish) feet but also extra cute face. Very promising new model indeed - please be sure to see a lot of new great content with him soon! OVER 120 HIGH-RES CLOSE-UPS OF YOUNG BAREFOOT DANIEL ALREADY ADDED!

1st July 2019

It's amazing what a straight mature guy is willing to do just to earn some quick money for his everyday family's expenses! I have no mercy for 35-years-old Edward. He has to not only learn how to suck my dick deeply but also I want to see him spreading his cheeks apart and fucking me with his manly bare feet. To be honest, I've never expected I could change young hubby and real daddy into such an obedient male SLUT! Well, the money talks:) FINAL PART OF FUCKING STR8 EDWARD'S THROAT ADDED!

27th June 2019

Very hard bastinado and extremely painful attempts to stand and walk with tough cans sticked to his feet were still only the first part of horrific foot tortures I planned for poor waiter Karol. To make him suffer and cry even more I told him to stand barefoot on many hurtful sharp bottle caps! He was so agonized that it was just a question of some seconds to see Karol authentically dying in a real foot pain agony! I am sure he will try to work quicker in his restaurant now - otherwise his sensitive soles will be punished again...

22nd June 2019

Today I plan to do something very special - for the first time ever! I want to see completely heterosexual footballer Milosz not only stripped naked but also I'm going to have some kinky fun using these gorgeous feet, muscled butt and strong manly hands. Milosz must try his best to masturbate me but playing with his own cock at the same time! And we both scored successfully. While this tall handsome goalkeeper cums on his own football shoes I covered every inch of his perfectly exposed talented feet with a lot of hot sperm! FIRST VERY GAY VIDEO OF STRAIGHT GOALKEEPER ADDED!

19th June 2019

Remek is only 18yrs but probably he looks a bit older in the pics - maybe because of his manly looking face and serious gaze. As you can see in first photos, initially he didn't want to show off his face. Remek is in the army school now and he is going to join foreign legion in the future. Fortunately this young guy really needs money so I managed to convince him to show us not only his bearded face and wide manly feet but also every inch of his most intimate parts of body. He was even told to get a full hard on and he must expose it perfectly, with his bare feet in the air and tight butthole on a full display!

12th June 2019

Another teenage virgin butthole must be perfectly clean! Real volleyball player Szymek is stripped completely naked in a bath tube on all his fours with his hairy ass and big ticklish feet perfectly exposed. I start instilling six bigger doses of cold water deeply into his very tight boyish rectum. It's obvious that obedient volleyball player doesn't like it at all - just see those funny and rapid uncontrolled moves he makes with his toes! NEW VIDEO WITH HUMILIATING ENEMA ADDED!



Straight Boy Tickled


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All models were 18 years old or older when they were photographed.
Warning! This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only! By entering this site, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
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