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22nd June 2019

Today I plan to do something very special - for the first time ever! I want to see completely heterosexual footballer Milosz not only stripped naked but also I'm going to have some kinky fun using these gorgeous feet, muscled butt and strong manly hands. Milosz must try his best to masturbate me but playing with his own cock at the same time! And we both scored successfully. While this tall handsome goalkeeper cums on his own football shoes I covered every inch of his perfectly exposed talented feet with a lot of hot sperm! FIRST VERY GAY VIDEO OF STRAIGHT GOALKEEPER ADDED!

19th June 2019

Remek is only 18yrs but probably he looks a bit older in the pics - maybe because of his manly looking face and serious gaze. As you can see in first photos, initially he didn't want to show off his face. Remek is in the army school now and he is going to join foreign legion in the future. Fortunately this young guy really needs money so I managed to convince him to show us not only his bearded face and wide manly feet but also every inch of his most intimate parts of body. He was even told to get a full hard on and he must expose it perfectly, with his bare feet in the air and tight butthole on a full display!
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12th June 2019

Another teenage virgin butthole must be perfectly clean! Real volleyball player Szymek is stripped completely naked in a bath tube on all his fours with his hairy ass and big ticklish feet perfectly exposed. I start instilling six bigger doses of cold water deeply into his very tight boyish rectum. It's obvious that obedient volleyball player doesn't like it at all - just see those funny and rapid uncontrolled moves he makes with his toes! NEW VIDEO WITH HUMILIATING ENEMA ADDED!

5th June 2019

This is the final time to finish playing with these awesome bare feet of young soccer player Brian. Gorgeous 19-years old boy is still laying naked on the floor, strongly wrapped in a plastic foil but his feet are released - only to use them for a proper foot fucking! Brian is completely heterosexual young footballer and so far he's used his feet only to score a lot of goals. But this time he must go level up - he uses his legs to massage gay cock and he does it perfectly! Straight boys have many hidden talents:) Of course there is a very special prize for that cute soccer player - his wide bare soles are properly covered with a hot sperm! Do you think that Brian is happy with that extraordinary reward?;) FINAL PART OF FUCKING BRIAN'S FEET ADDED!

30th May 2019

In spite of being very tall and well-built young basketball player, Tymon was very nervous and quite embarrassed during his first shooting. As soon as this handsome straight guy was ordered to smell his worn socks and lick his own bare feet he realized that this is definately gay kind of adult work:) Initially he was hoping not to display too much - trying even to cover his genitals with a towel! Anyway, soon Tymon ended up with his hairy legs up in the air to give us a perfect view of his sexy ass and show his huge feet! He even had to use these player's strong hands to stretch that sporty ass as much possible so his virgin hot hole is fully exposed! ENJOY FEET & NUDITY OF VERY SHY BOY TYMON ALSO IN HIGH-RES RAW PHOTOS!

25th May 2019

For real soccer players like Milosz that's nothing strange to have a shower in front of other guys. But this is the first time when a gay man not only look at him in a bath but also take very detailed photos and order him step by step which parts of his sporty body must be soaped. 20-years-old goalkeeper Milosz is so relaxed that even in such an uncomfortable situation he has no problem whith getting hard and... fingering his hot hole to clean that sexy straight ass properly! THIS NEW PHOTO SET IS ALSO ADDED IN HIGH-RES RAW FORMAT!

22nd May 2019

An extra painful last bastinado video that poor waiter Karol had to undergo (in spite of his authentic tears) was just the beginning of extra severe punishment for his sore but still extremely sensitive bare feet. I came up with another horrible idea - creating brand new 'shoes' for hard-working waiter. I completely didn't care that after that harsh bastinado Karol simply looked like a newly born fawn trying to stay still for the first time in his already started life. I told him that it must be much easier to get up only if he puts the PROPER SHOES on! ANOTHER PART OF FOOT TORTURE VIDEO HAS JUST BEEN ADDED!



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All models were 18 years old or older when they were photographed.
Warning! This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only! By entering this site, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
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