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Today I would like to present you another straight Polish footballer - the proud owner of the most beautiful feet at this site, in my opinion:) Perfectly shaped, long toes, smooth sensitive soles... I think that Milosz will become your favourite model really quickly! For the better feet close-ups, all photos are also available to download in the extra RAW resolution, with no edition, taken straight from my camera!
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It's really interesting how important are the soles of feet for young heterosexual guys. Professional MMA fighter Marcel tries to keep his soles rough and hard, for the better adherence to a gym mat. I really prefer that all my models have their feet soft and extra smooth so I decided to do a proper 'pedicure' for Marcel's feet. I didn't suppose that such a strong and brave young fighter could be so easily broken with a feet cleaning and drying procedure...


I have just prepared something really funny for this special holiday time! You can enjoy my 'first time' with the best friend of mine:) Such a shame, not having a sex but finally I managed to convince handsome heterosexual Dingo to let me tickle his sensitive feet and smooth ticklish body in an extra teasing way!


Finally I got these teenage footballer's feet for my pleasure and your entertainment! Brian really likes the idea of an intensive feet treatment. He is sitting obediently on the chair with his perfect feet totally displayed on the table. I tried to hide my excitement but to be honest, I had a permanent erection with every single touch of these precious wide feet. Brian is a quite ticklish but an authentic medical massage must be much stronger than just soft tickling. Nevertheless, I have to check how ticklish his feet and armpits are! I am also turning his long and extra male toes, concentrating on the biggest ones. To finish this procedure I want Brian to learn how he can massage the feet on his own so enjoy watching young heterosexual footballer self-playing with the gorgeous bare feet!
This video is more than 20-minute long and I've been non-stop horny even while editing it!


During an initial conversation on-line I was a bit disappointed when Marcel wrote me that he is 100% heterosexual, has a girlfriend and even he's against homosexuality in general. But the money rules so at last he decided to come over for a foot-fetish session. Suprisingly this talented MMA fighter was constantly so horny during the shoot that in the end he ejaculated with a lot of fresh sperm straight onto the fighter's gloves!


Another awesome boy has been already added to the casting site! Karol is 20 years old, he's started studying economics this year but first of all he is a professional swimmer. Every weekend he takes place in the swimming competitions but when I invited him for the first audition he agreed immediately. Fortunately young swimmers in Poland are not paid too much so I was sure that this time I will be the lucky one to see not only great feet but also this tight swimmer's asshole:)



Straight Boy Tickled


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All models were 18 years old or older when they were photographed.
Warning! This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only! By entering this site, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
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