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20th August 2019

There are no doubts that really handsome waiter Karol is the most harshly tortured and the most humiliated boy in my collection, hopefully so far. And now it's the moment to give him some fun but with a really unpredictable ending. Obedient boy has to show us how he maturbates till the creamy ending but he also have to cover his own shiny work shoes with fresh spunk just to... EAT IT ALL next, like the cheapest straight male slut! I think that Karol's unaware girlfriend could be starving that evening;-)
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13th August 2019

* * *

Straight footballer Milosz is a lovely looking young guy with a perfectly shaped tall body. This time he has to pose like a tasty meal for gay eyes. He looks great in his football kit but this godlike body is created to be totally displayed - and Milosz knows how to do it exactly in a way that we just love to see. I also pay special attention to his genitals as well as for his gorgeous ass, all covered with downy hair. And last but of course not least - please have a look at these large talented feet of young soccer player! There has just been new extra high-res photo set of Milosz' nudity and feet close-ups added. Also, you can enjoy watching HD video with this handsome goalkeeper working hard to show his best assets for our kinky pleasure!

7th August 2019

Another cute straight boy has recently come to show off his sexy feet to the foot-fetish audience. Alek is from a small town in the mountains and he has never done any type of adult work - so probably it was the main reason why he was so shy and embarrassed when I was taking many close-up pics of his perfectly exposed bare feet. But what's great in this boy - he is extremely ticklish everywhere, especially on his smooth pale soles! ALL PHOTOS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE IN RAW FORMAT, PACKED IN ONE RAR FILE!

30th July 2019

Young volleyball player Szymek has experienced very deep and intense enema recently but honestly, it was just the first part of playing with his extra tight virgin hole. I think it was indisputably the most 'pleasant' time he had during that really eventful shooting. Today Szymek is back and... he agreed to give up his anal virginity to male fingers as well as to a wide anal plug! Soon he's going to regret that daredevil decision:)

24th July 2019

Daniel is only 18-years-old straight Polish boy and undoubtedly he has the most beautiful feet I've ever seen. During making the first bastinado video with this extra cute boy I discovered that Daniel's feet are also incredibly ticklish. So I was more than lucky when he decided to come back for his second shoot and agreed on having his smooth boyish feet properly pedicured. Poor boy is screaming and laughing desperately but he is aware that he must stand it like a man - I want to have his tender feet perfectly softened and clean, despite his desperate groans and laughs;-) NEW TICKLING PEDICURE VIDEO WITH TEENAGER'S FEET JUST ADDED!

20th July 2019

It's really difficult to decide which part of teenage Brian's body is the most sexy. I love his wide meaty feet, awesome chest and belly as well as that simply gorgeous boyish face - really cute indeed. But today Brian has to show off not only his talented feet but I also want to see him displaying his uncut cock - including stretching and playing with that very long foreskin of young (and still a bit shy) real Polish footballer!

13th July 2019

I've never expected before making that crazy video that such a brave and sporty straight man like Tymon could completely lose control when it comes both to the mental fear and physical pain. Surprisingly I notice that he is just about... to poop! What a great and funny feedback from a sporty heterosexual young man! It looks that he suffers seriously - and I like it, of course! But I don't mind his pain or dirty hole, to be honest. I'm going to whip his wide meaty feet and really tender arse cheeks AS MUCH as possible - completely with no mercy! Poor boy reacts in a very 'animal' way - he even started pooping like a kid... But even with dirty ass - he must be caned with no mercy, haha! ARE SURE YOU WANT TO SEE THIS VIDEO?



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All models were 18 years old or older when they were photographed.
Warning! This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only! By entering this site, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
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