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I'm sure that handsome student and hard-working professional waiter Karol must remember that shooting evening for a very long time. Knowing how sensitive his body is - and how tender are those perfect wide feet - I decided to punish him even harder, paying special attention to Karol's ticklish soles. I think it was the most severe bastinado I've ever done! I doubt he had no problems with standing and walking with plates in his job the day after;-) This video - and over 170 other foot-fetish clips with straight Polish boys - is also available in my store on Clips4Sale.


Perfectly built, straight 20 years old Milosz plays football professionally - he's a very talented goalkeeper. He keeps a lot of balls everyday but today I want to keep two very full balls of that incredibly handsome tall boy. I start with licking his awesome big feet and I suck every toe of them. He also let me suck his erected dick! As you may see, this young goalkeeper is very ticklish so I use a sharp pin - wheel to torment his armpits, soles of these feet and the most intimate parts of Milosz' body! NEW VIDEO ADDED!


Another great video has just been added! Today handsome 21 years old straight student Adam is sitting on the table barefoot, with big manly feet fully exposed. He's going to experience first male on male touch in his life and it will be very intense pedicure! I want to clean and scrub every inch of his meaty feet:) To be honest, it wasn't easy for him to stand it like a man - Adam's feet are really ticklish, haha!


Probably in his soviet country he might be killed for that work. Fortunately, handsome sporty boy Artem decided to leave eastern Ukraine and together with his family - he's a young hubby and got two kids - started looking for any opportunity to get some money in Poland. Ah, yes! foot-fetish website's owner is always ready to help in such a difficult issue. But I am not sure if Artem knew what do I really require from him.


It's been two years since Karol appeared on my website for the first time. What a lovely boy still he is! Not only an ambitious IT student but also very independent young straight man who works hardly as a waiter in one of the best restaurant in the city. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed with his service last time I visited that place and I told him that even though I like him a lot, the PUNISHMENT must be INEVITABLE, next time he will be back for any kind of shooting. A few days ago Karol came... I am sure that next time he will try to service me much better in that restaurant. HERE'S THE VIDEO RECORDED WHILE I WAS PUNISHING THIS STRIPPED POOR WAITER - for almost half an hour!


Surprisingly this straight young soccer player Brian was initially quite relaxed when his stripped teenage body was being properly cleaned by another man. Therefore he was even a bit confused when his soaped penis started growing up visibly. Nevertheless, the last minutes of Brian's cleaning procedure weren't so pleasant to him. I told him to bend over and display his tight virgin arsehole for the very deep and intense cleaning inside - for the first time in his life! Obedient boy had to look to the camera non-stop so you can see from his contortioned face that it was not easy, to clean that extremely tight boyhole deeply inside - with my two fingers at the same time!


As the new year has come - I wish you all the best in 2019 - I want to start it with new perfect model! In my opinion, Adam's feet are the most MEATY and MANLY looking I've ever seen and photographed for the site:) Also, I am so happy that finally I have a very ticklish new model! This photo gallery consists of two parts - firstly I took many pics of Adam's bare feet before I did him a very intense pedicure. So in the second part of this photoset you can see the results of my hard work on Adam's meaty feet.



Straight Boy Tickled


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All models were 18 years old or older when they were photographed.
Warning! This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only! By entering this site, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
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