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It's been almost two years since I met gorgeous footballer Milosz. He was playing in the same team with his best friend Brian (also an amazing model form the site) and on that time he had no experience in being a model for the gay audience. Looking at the first photos I took him I just can't believe how much favourably Milosz has changed for this time. He's already joined another team from a higher Polish league and still spends a lot of time in the gym to develop this well built body and incredibly talented strong legs. Still I think he's got the most perfect feet I've ever seen. Good luck, lovely Milosz!


It's so nice to write here again! I've finally come back to work for the site but to be honest - after quite serious disease it wasn't easy to come back almost all aspects of my life in one piece. I even could say it will never be the same again but maybe there's always an unexpected moment in someone's life that looks just like a need of reassessment. When you're only 30 and they say you in hospital that it all could have ended in a few next hours... It works better than a New Yer's day, trust me. So let me tell you my resolutions and please think about it also when it comes to your life.
Today let me introduce a bit older guy then I usually work with - another handsome husband which seems to be a big puzzle from the very beginning. This new candidate looks sooo sexy intelligent but at the same time - incredibly mysterious. Marcin said almost nothing about himself but he admitted with no smile he's been married for two years. Well, they say 'never just for a ring' but unfortunately it's too late now for this young straight fella. He was quite embarrassed while talking about his difficult financial situation. However, above all Marcin should be confused by an increased sweating of his feet. Undoubtedly the most stinky male socks I've ever experienced to smell!


First of all, I would like to say 'I'm sorry' to all of you that have been waiting for the regular updates in vain... I had some health problems so there was a need to stay in hospital for a few days. As I run this website completely alone these kind of situations simply make me helpless. God thanks it soon should get better so please visit the site very often. Today I'd like to compensate you lack of updates for 2 previous weeks and I am going to upload a lot of new content in July.
Today I added a new video with this incredibly sexy mature guy Edward. It's amazing how far he went in the end of our meeting:) AWESOME HD VIDEO IS HERE!


Everyone who meets Brian loves this incredibly cute footballer at first sight. He is very open-minded and talkative but still very innocent and even a bit naive. He used to be really shy at the beginning but step by step he's broadening his horizons and I also noticed that he becomes quite horny while standing naked in front of my camera. When I massage his big and low-hanging balls in the shower Brian gets a natural and spontaneous hard-on:) This photoset is also available in the extra HD format, all pics in the biggest possible size, straight from my camera and with no changes!


Jerzy is only almost 20 years-old so I was a bit afraid of his innocence and lack of experience in any kind of erotic work. So good I was completely wrong. In spite of his teenage age this lovely professional swimmer is just like Tamagotchi - drink, eat, sleep, fuck and swim. I like this attitude! And I love these amazing big feet of Jerzy - huge and very meaty but soft, smooth and really ticklish on the soles!


Even the strongest and the biggest boys always have some weak points somewhere. In case of handsome talented footballer Milosz this is just the Achilles' heel. Or, to be more correct - BOTH MEATY HEELS:D My creativity in the foot-fetish issue is constantly improving so Milosz is the first boy at the site whose feet were harshly beaten with a huge... pipe cleaner! Well, the bigger boy is being punished, the bigger tools I simply have to use. New BASTINADO VIDEO has just been added. In my opinion, the best bastinado clip I've ever recorded. Enjoy this heterosexual masculine feet pain as much as I do!



Straight Boy Tickled


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All models were 18 years old or older when they were photographed.
Warning! This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only! By entering this site, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
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