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17th November 2020

I have no doubts that every heterosexual and anally unexperienced boy is always truly panic-stricken when it comes to deep water-cleaning of his virgin anus. For young str8 boy Stas this time has finally come. What's even worse to him, he knows the main reason to be really scared of the first cold-water enema. All that process will be just a beginning of his hardest evening ever! New enema video already added!
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8th November 2020

Today I have Brian, the number one of my favorite models, a real soccer player and totally heterosexual for a really painful and the most humiliating shooting he's ever agreed on. Not only Brian is barefoot and completely naked from the very beginning but he's also placed in an extremely vulnerable position. Young footballer is told to lay down on his a back with his face, feet and ass perfectly displayed. Soon he gets a weird surprise... from many burning candles:-) New kinky Halloween video has been added!

26th October 2020

18-years-old Michas took part in his first barefoot and fully naked casting some time ago but I purposely decided to hold up working with him. Lovely teenage boy is so broke that he's recently called me asking about any chance to be a full-paid model as soon as possible. I said 'yes, but you must come over to show off your feet and to stretch your virgin arsehole again, for another set of close-ups!' The good news is that this boy is also willing to take part in any kind of videos so if you would like to order your own custom videos - please ask me for details:)

5th October 2020

Heterosexual guy Isaac is for sure one of the most handsome guys I've ever worked with for the site. He comes from a small village in the eastern Poland so it took some time to convince him to take part in male-on-male video - for the first time in his young life! Lucky me, he's finally agreed on having his hot sexy feet properly worshipped. I suck his long toes and lick these sensitive soles in every possible way! There are no doubts that Isaac enjoys that time too. Isaac has even hard-on whilst that foot pleasuring!
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28th September 2020

Unexperienced straight Stas has not only really sexy feet but what I like the most in this boy are his nostalgic blue eyes. For some reasons they look truly sad but today I'm not sure I can honestly give him any way to smile. I want this shy boy to take part in a very humiliating shooting - not only his feet must be greatly exposed but I'm also going to focus on his genitals as well as on that tight virgin boyhole. Everything must be shown off - even though poor boy doesn't like these hard and degrading poses!
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16th September 2020

Finally handsome straight Isaac agreed on having these sexy ticklish feet worshipped - for the first time in his young life! So today I do everything to caress them - including licking, sucking, kissing every inch of Isaac's feet. Judging by his bulging pants, I think he enjoys it as well. What a surprise from a straight and unexperienced young man! Watch this handsome guy having his feet worshipped - new video added!

8th September 2020

Cute straight boy Michas has just turned 18 - so he is the youngest candidate in my collection. What a treasure he is! I can use only the 'most' and the 'best' words to describe him. This boy is the youngest one, the most shy, incredibly sexy and so much ticklish when it comes to feet! These boyish soles are the most sensitive I've ever had. I've never met such a ticklish boy as Michas. He's been in an authentic tickling agony even while I was taking his socks off! This gorgeous boy does really need money - so you may order everything from him including his own smelly socks, worn trainers or even making a private dream set and video clip with tickling, bastinado as well as deflowering/handjob content (including enema). Everything with Michas is possible, at this moment. I love broke straight and desperate boys, especially if they are only 18-years-old:) Huge photo set with over 160 high-res photos has just been added!



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All models were 18 years old or older when they were photographed.
Warning! This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only! By entering this site, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
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