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If Michelangelo had lived and created nowadays I would have recommended him this perfectly built goalkeeper as my number one suggestion for posing as The New David. However, there would have been a small difference in that case - today this gorgeous 'stripped sculpture' can be proud of constantly erected penis! Normally very shy and still living with his parents, 19 years old Milosz was getting more and more horny during taking these very detailed photos of his naked body until he shooted directly into his goalkeeper's strong hands! And of course I paid a lot of attention to these incredibly talented huge feet;-)


A bit older than my other models but I simply love Edward's deep blue eyes! This time I want to teach him how to be 'a perfect gay'. And it won't be an easy lesson. Sucking my dick, cleaning my ass with his tongue, drinking off two glasses of hot male urine (of course mine!) - that was amazing! I think I should give a modelling chance for real hubbies and fathers more often.


To be honest, I was almost sure I couldn't see this boy again. Even though I was constantly receiving your e-mails asking when Karol is back for more work I remembered this short sentence ('I will never do it again, ever for a billions, sorry…') that he told me after we finished that incredibly painful shooting with his sensitive feet two years ago. And it sounded like a definite farewell. But today I got him back!!! And please be sure that everything what he's been put through lately was NOTHING. The real fun has just begun, haha!


With a surname recognized so easily worldwide it doesn't surprised me that young sporty boy Kamil must be another really talented Polish footballer. Although he's not any relative to that famous player from Bundesliga, let's keep fingers crossed for Kamil's skillful teenage feet. There is over 10 years of the age difference between those two footballers so it's very likely that actually you might have the only chance to enjoy watching so many bare feet close-ups of another teenage soccer player from Poland. Undoubtedly Kamil is standing at the beginning of his promising football career.


'Too much is never enough' - that's the true I always believe in when it comes to beating feet of young boys. They usually react in the same way but only at the beginning of their 'personal' bastinado. In the 1st part of that crazy video Daniel was not only completely humiliated but he also had to experience an incredible feet pain - for the first time in his young heterosexual life. Well, it was just the prelude! Today I want to see desperate Daniel authentically crying with a fear in his eyes, shaking in agony, strongly tied up but at the same time 'dancing' with no control while the soles of his extremely tender feet are constantly beaten.


Another incredibly handsome young guy has recently come to lay with no objection on my casting couch and show his huge but very good-looking bare feet to the all men's feet lovers. 25 years-old Tomasz works as a professional waiter. He is the owner of the biggest feet I've ever seen, 47 euro size, but at the same time they are perfectly shaped with long meaty toes and very smooth soft skin on the soles. Almost immediately I told Tomasz to keep legs straightened and expose these big and very meaty feet for an intense massage. Wow, I've never supposed until then that so huge and 'hard-working' male feet can be also so damn ticklish!


We all love stories like the one which took place exactly on last Sunday, week ago. Our national team - very tall and handsome players who always wear incredibly tight shorts on perfectly shaped asses - unexpectedly won Men's World Championship in Volleyball. We are proud of this gold cup also for the reason that we were fighting with unbreakable Brazil in the final. Well, when it comes to players' attractiveness stunning hot Canarinhos are still invincible in my private ranking. In general, I think I should focus a little more on volleyball players (of course it means: mostly on their huge feet) from lower Polish leagues when I look for another models on the site. If there were only a few volleyball players who would know how to display their incredibly big feet, virgin holes in surroundings of smelly socks worn constantly for a few days before shooting:) 19 years old footballer Brian knows it perfectly! Awesome photoset added.



Straight Boy Tickled


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All models were 18 years old or older when they were photographed.
Warning! This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only! By entering this site, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
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