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Even the strongest and the biggest boys always have some weak points somewhere. In case of handsome talented footballer Milosz this is just the Achilles' heel. Or, to be more correct - BOTH MEATY HEELS:D My creativity in the foot-fetish issue is constantly improving so Milosz is the first boy at the site whose feet were harshly beaten with a huge... pipe cleaner! Well, the bigger boy is being punished, the bigger tools I simply have to use. New BASTINADO VIDEO has just been added. In my opinion, the best bastinado clip I've ever recorded. Enjoy this heterosexual masculine feet pain as much as I do!


Until today, I wasn't too interested in doing a shoot with a guy who is older than me. But I noticed that I've changed my mind lately and I started looking not only at teenage boys;) The great opportunity came quickly. I found a really interesting post at Fb. Edward, a friend of one of my friends, 36 years old responsible father of two twin daughters is desperately looking for any kind of job. It didn't take long to invite him for the first audition shooting. Surprisingly, he wants to try much more than just showing bare feet... ;-)


Being such a strong and valuable young footballer, straight guy Milosz doesn't really like an idea of doing another shoot in a very humiliating position. Obedient player has to forget about his heterosexual pride and let me tie him up forcibly. Surprisingly, he reacts in a very interesting way - the stronger he's tied up, the more sperm he produces uncontrollably... All these amazing photos are also ready for downloading in a high-res resolution, directly from my photo camera, with no changes. Simply large, raw pictures of Milosz just for your pleasure:)


I am not only male feet maniac but also I love everything that concerns male physical exams. The best combination and my biggest permanent fantasy is to see young heterosexual sporty boy visiting his sports medicine doctor for an annual exam. Incredibly cute soccer player Brian explained me this professional medical procedure in every detail. But I decided to do it on my own and I want to pay attention on these parts of Brian's body that are usually a little neglected during his exams in a football club. Mouth and throat, toes, soles, prostate, virgin arsehole and low dangling balls... Gorgeous boy fucks my throat with his smelly wide foot but next I check his tight boyhole with my finger and give him a deep first gay-blowjob in his life! Amazing VIDEO already added:)


Another Polish boy decided to show us his bare teenage feet. Mikolaj turned 18 just a few weeks ago (!) and already found his first girlfriend, he also works as a car mechanic. In spite of his really young age this cute boy is the owner of wide and quite manly feet, very ticklish on the soles.


For some reasons young Polish soccer players are always interestingly obedient when it comes to their feet. And next they are really surprised that it can be so difficult to have bare feet tormented for such a long time... But that's always a bit too late, isn't that? Shy teenage footballer Janek didn't even suppose he's got so ticklish feet! NEW FULL HD TICKLING VIDEO HAS JUST BEEN ADDED!



Straight Boy Tickled


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All models were 18 years old or older when they were photographed.
Warning! This site contains sexually explicit, adult material and is for adults only! By entering this site, you certify that you are 18 years or older.
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