Please read the story first...
Some time ago I started chatting with Milosz, a boy on the left pic below. He is 19 and surprisingly from the very beginning he was a bit interested in earning fast money also with using his feet but this time - not exactly by kicking the ball. What's interesting, he admitted that everything that is related to the feet should be accepted and usual to an every single soccer player. I have never supposed that a straight masculine jock like Milosz could think in such a 'straight' way! I was amazed even more when he suggested to come over for the first audition shoot together with Brian - his best friend from the same football team. When he sent me some of their joint amateur photos from the changing room - I perfectly knew that these heroes were born to have their feet worked out not only in the pitch!

And our arrangements were easy - at first they have to come together, straight after the training or a match with their football kits in the bag, then - each one of them should take part in the shoot separately. And they did it but at their first common audition I told them both to wear THE SAME DIRTY SOCKS constantly, every day, also during the next trainings until they will have a single shoot. It simply meant to these straight footballers that on the next meeting with me they will have to present their talented feet with 5, 6 or even 7-day WORN SMELLY socks on! Milosz and Brian took on this task in the best possible way - I have never smelt so intensive straight jock's socks. After the shoot they put these 'smelly treasures' to their everyday-worn trainers to prevent them from becoming wafted. I also mentioned to them that if they want to earn some money by selling them to some guys in the world the will be asked for wearing them again, for a 2 or 3 days before getting money. And of course they said 'Ok, that's no problem'.

I am not sure which footballer I like more. They are friends but at the same time they differ a lot. Milosz is a strong and well-built young hunk, really tall with the feet size 45. He is a bit serious, quite collected and spends all the time training in the gym. He's been wearing white tight-fitting short socks even though he confessed he prefers black. Extra cute 19-years old Brian is much more talkative, a bit smaller than his colleague but he is proud of his sporty and extra smooth young body, with an incredibly perfect skin, as for a teenager. Brian's worn socks are also different - long and a bit loose, initially they were white but playing football for a few days you can see some visible marks on them.

I promised them to earn about 30 Euro for the effort. Young football mates admitted it was not easy to take them on every morning as they both are living together with their parents. But the final result of that homework is more than satisfying! The sale offer is dedicated only to the first two guests or members of the site but if these boy like the idea - I am almost sure they will never wash their socks in the future!

If you want to get them now, please write me a message as soon as possible. The total cost is 30 Euro that and includes also the delivery cost to every place in the world. Do not hesitate, you can send money using the safe PayPal solution, it is quick and anonymous. The young football players will receive the Christmas gift, and you will get your pleasure too!