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PART 2 - video added on 3rd November 2018

Warning! This video contains a lot of really painful and authentic corporal punishment scenes. It's not suitable for tenderhearted.

Cheap sunglasses soaked with tears. Beyond - SCARED STRAIGHT!

'Too much is never enough' - that's the true I always believe in when it comes to beating another frightened boys feet. All guys which take part in their first bastinado try to break already started punishment procedure as fast as possible but I know it's nothing more than desperate attempt to avoid something that must be even more painful. And what is simply INEVITABLE. After their initially quite friendly but more&more loudly shouted requests to stop, which are typical to every straight young man, they start reacting in many different ways;-)

Poor boy Daniel, only 19 years old and totally broken, used to think that there's nothing special in beating his bare soles with any kind of tools until it doesn't mean making them bloody. Of course I assured him that I don't want to torture his unexperienced feet so cruelly and there's no risk to see even the smallest drop of blood while beating. After hearing that, Daniel was more than happy to 'have a chance' of making quick money by taking part in 1-hour length bastinado shooting.

In the first part of that amazing video Daniel was not only completely humiliated but also he experienced an incredible feet pain for the first time in his young heterosexual life. Nevertheless, it was just the beginning. This time I want to see Daniel authentically crying with a fear in his eyes , shaking in agony, strongly tied up but at the same time 'dancing' with no control while his extremely tender feet are constantly beaten...

~~~ Thanks to Randy for inspiring me to punish this boy with his own smelly trainers! ~~~


Starring: Daniel, Lukasz

Runtime: 20:39

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