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video added on 15th August 2020

Another straight guy has to expose his big feet for a long and severe bastinado!
Young Polish student Tadek is not only completely unexperienced boy in adult work but what's very interesting - he used to attend in some protests against gay-prides that were organized in our city. Wow, that's amazing that a few months of lockdown made some straight and homophobic guys to ask gay porn producers for any opportunity to earn something as soon as it's only possible. Here I am! But my conditions are easy - Tadek's feet must be painfully punished for all those wrong directions they were guided him in the past.

Straight boy has quickly his shoes taken off and his tender soles are immediately beaten with no mercy. Scared Tadek is totally aware that it's going to be the most horrific time in his young life. I decide to torture his greatly exposed feet not only with my hands but also including many the most suitable tools - wooden spoon, leather belt as well as a large piece of garden hose. Oh, yes - that hurts a lot! But to make Tadek suffering even more, I decided to regularly spray a lot of cold water on his sore soles - but an extreme bastinado still has to be continued.

In my opinion, all homophobic guys should be treated in that painful way. Even if their feet are hot and truly tender - real and humiliating tortures must be applied to them. That's my duty.


Starring: Tadek, Lukasz

Runtime: 34 minutes

1280 x 720

HD: 517 MB

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