Since I added Tadek's first naked photo set in the casting section of the site, I received very good feedback from many of you so I decided to get this big straight boy again - and of course for some very kinky work.

He is 21-years-old boy who lives with his girlfriend and is constantly out of money - therefore he responded to my ad. Every time I got an application from a new candidate I do a small 'investigation' to know a boy a little more. Also in that case I searched a little on his social media profiles and I discovered that Tadek took part in a stupid counterdemonstration against LGBT Pride that was organized last year in Warsaw. So immediately I decided to get this boy for us - just to show him our gratitude for his former activity.

In spite of the fact that Tadek is not only well-built but even quite fluffy young guy I do really enjoy playing with him. His big meaty feet are simply perfect and I hope they are strong enough to take a long tickling and very severe bastinado - just for our sweet revenge!


Born: 1998      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.84 m/94 kg/43 EU      Sexual orientation: 100% straight      Ticklish: a lot