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The first and very intense ass cleaning for shy young daddy!
Emil has become a young unexpected daddy recently and it was a huge surprise to him. The biggest problem is that he's actually unemployed so he needs money desperately. I decided to get him for a full shooting on the site but if he really wants to get paid - he must experience a lot!

Firstly, I want to see him properly cleaned. So Emil comes obediently to my bathroom, takes off his underwear and soaps every part of his manly body. His feet are greatly exposed so we can see these wet tender soles almost constantly. It's obvious that Emil doesn't really like that strange position but soon he should be aware that all this cleaning procedure is only for our personal entertainment.

When young daddy's body and feet are nicely clean, fresh and softened with a hot water I come in to the action. As you may suppose, the worst is still ahead of scared straight boy… He puts a plain stool into the bathtub and jumps on it so we can see his tight virgin arsehole perfectly exposed. I start soaping Emil's genitals and slightly penetrating his anus. Next I take a painful enema tool and pour a lot of coldest water directly into that moaning straight man's ass! But in Emil's case - it's not enough. This time I also want to fuck him hard with that enema tool. Poor broken daddy keeps on resisting that painful deflowering trying to squeeze his arse cheeks as much as possible but I completely don't care and penetrate his sore sphincter even harder, applying another dose of cold water into Emil's asshole.

Just have a look at his grimacing face - it says everything. But please believe me, it's only the first part of Emil's painal shooting.


Starring: Emil, Lukasz

Runtime: 21 minutes

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