Our government has implemented some social programs lately to fight against demographic decline that is increasing in Poland very quickly. It must be a cause for concern for every EU country but sometimes young people decide to become parents in not the most proper moment of their life. And of course some easy one-time money from government is not enough to make ends meet as an engaged and responsible young daddy.

That's why I got another desperate guy in my collection. Emil is a bit older than most of my models but how could I refuse to help young fledgling daddy to earn some cash that he needs so urgently? However, Emil will have to work hard to be paid - such a great news that he is not only incredibly ticklish everywhere but also he has extremely tight virgin asshole. As you probably know, the more any straight boy is afraid about my kinky plans, the more I want to implement them! And this is my upcoming script for young broken daddy.


Age: 27      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.81 m/75 kg/43 EU      Sexual orientation: 100% straight (engaged)      Ticklish: extremely!