A friend of mine, who also works as a photographer, told me a few months ago that he had a contact with a really handsome young guy who is interested in making some quick money by showing his muscular chest. I immediately wanted to meet him, moreover he's living not too far away. And when I received some of his amateur photos I perfectly knew he must be my another model.
Sometimes your deepest dreams can suprisingly come true. Huge personal trainer, with extra sensitive but a little rough feet (of course because of spending all days in the gym) wants to present himself as great as only possible so Rafal even asked his engaged girl for a professional pedicure for his tired smelly feet. Unfortunately he couldn't know that I am a bit pervy specialist into cleaning and 'taking care' of heterosexual boys' feet so his home-done pedicure must be followed by another one, surely on my own:)

And as you may suppose, it was just the beginning of my dreams - and his nightmares... Hard-working is a part of job, not only in the gym - also if you would like to become foot-fetish model for the gay audience;-)


Age: 22      Feet size: 42 EUR/8.5 UK/8 US      Sexual orientation: Straight      Ticklish: a little     

size: 130 MB, time: 11 minutes