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After having hot boyhole cleaned, time to lose his anal virginity!
Young volleyball player Szymek has experienced very deep and intense enema recently but honestly, it was just the first part of playing with his extra tight virgin hole. I think it was indisputably the most 'pleasant' time he had during that really eventful shooting. As Szymek was low on funds he agreed to give up his anal virginity to male fingers as well as to a wide anal plug!

Cute straight boy is visibly afraid what will happen next. He must take very humiliating position on all his fours and perfectly display his hairy boyish butt to the camera. I start fingering his warm hole deeply giving him the first prostate massage. Szymek feels it intensively and soon he can't help but moan and spasm with anal pain. He keeps on asking me for a break but the answer is not exactly as he expected - 'keep your ass up steady and take it like a man! You can count to twenty and then it'll be over'. Naive 18-years-old boy counts down silently while his tight hot hole is being constantly fucked deep inside.

Soon I take a huge anal plug to open his trembling bum even wider and this is definitely the worst experience he could only imagine. We can hear entire range off all possible Polish curses but at the same time let's have a look at scared Szymek's greatly displayed bare feet - his toes are desperately squirming and wrinkling up uncontrollably. Young volleyball player really wants to finish that painful procedure as soon as possible so he even tries to probe that wide silicon plug into his tight hole on his own! After next few minutes of fucking that virgin ass poor boy jumps off from the torture bed and immediately runs away to the bathroom to cool down his sore butthole with a cold water...


Starring: Szymek, Lukasz

Runtime: 10 minutes

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