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Tight virgin hole of scared straight boy finally pegged with a huge anal plug!
In the first part of that really painful deflowering video young volleyball player Szymek was so panic-stricken that he immediately jumped off from the torture bed and run away to the bathroom to cold down his sore boyish anus with a cold water. Nevertheless, I told him he wouldn't be paid until he loses his sphincter and opens it widely enough to insert entire anal plug into his virgin arsehole.

So now Szymek is back on the bed with his hairy legs up in the air. I spray his boyhole with a lot of cold water and it humiliates him a lot, from the very beginning. I start fingering him again, very deeply and soon I take huge anal plug to deflower him properly. He's again really frightened and once again he tries to run away but he obediently must be back on bed - this time on all his fours. Anal plug is fucking him deeply and he feels it very intensively - just see his toes clenching in painal agony! After few minutes of playing with his straight virgin asshole still it's extremely tight - Szymek desperately claps a bed with his hands, probably hoping it will help him to stand that unbearable pain.

Next he even offers to do it himself and it's really nice to see all his efforts trying to put that plug deeply. Straight boy has a visible panic written on his cute face but I don't care - I take this anal plug again and finally his incredibly tight boyish hole is properly pegged. Another straight boy has finally lost his anal virginity, this time in a very painful way.


Starring: Szymek, Lukasz

Runtime: 11 minutes

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