What a handsome straight man has agreed recently on being another foot-fetish model in our gallery! Tymon is a very tall guy and still really young but I think he looks more mature comparing to the other models - that's probably because he is well-built and very hairy. Diversity is something that should be found on every adult website - so I assume you will enjoy that pure masculinity and Tymon's big, very manly feet.

This young heterosexual man comes from a small village in the mountains so it wasn't easy to convince such a close-minded and conservative guy to show something more than just bare feet for a worldwide gay audience. Fortunately, living in such a poor area usually also means some important problems with making ends meet. So after short but more than firm negotiations Tymon is stripped completely naked and starting from that moment he must not only be a good foot-fetish model but also tries his bests to become real straight guy for the gays' eyes!

What you should know about him - he works as a car mechanic and in his free time he plays basketball in the local team. That's also something quite new for us - I think he's the first basketball player in our collection. And last but for sure not least - he's been married since last summer! But today it's our turn to play with (and take advantage of) his manly feet and outright virility.


Age: 24      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.95 m/85 kg/46.5 EU      Sexual orientation: 100% straight(married)      Ticklish: yes, a lot