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video added on 4th November 2023

Constantly horny straight handsome guy gets a helping hand until he empties his balls and next - eats it all!

19-years-old Jonas is a really hot heterosexual young man who thinks about having sex all day long. As he told me, his best sexual experience was an outside fucking almost 50-years-old woman. Today he's going to experience something really new to him. Jonas' straight erected cock will be wanked hard by another man until he'll shoot a lot of hot jizz on a plate - to be fed with his own proteins afterwards!

As soon as I take his tight underpants off Jonas' hard cock is massaged by my helping hand as well as his hairy balls and feet. Soon he's told to jump on a plain stool on all his fours to expose that greatly ripped ass for our kinky pleasure. In spite of being physically examined in a very humiliating way (I pay special attention to check the soles of his wide meaty feet and tight virgin ass hole too) young straight Jonas is still really horny so I decide to play with his genitals even harder.

After a few minutes of intense masturbation Jonas cums with a lot of hot jizz directly on a plate. Next he takes my next task for him like a real man and starts licking all over that plate trying not to waste even single drop of his hot creamy sperm! Well, another horizons of totally straight young guy have just been broadened!


Starring: Jonas, Lukasz

Runtime: 19 minutes

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