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video added on 10th December 2022

Young boy Michas has a sensual bath and shows off every inch of his sexy wet feet!

This cute young straight boy is not only extremely ticklish and reactive to any kind of touch. It looks he's also really intelligent or better to say - teachable. After doing some foot-fetish scenes with him he clearly starts understanding what me - and all of us - want to see the most. So this time I take Michas to the bathroom to record him having a long relaxing bathtime but of course it's not just a bath. Michas is ordered to clean himself properly and expose every inch of his great teenage body, genitals and of course - these smooth sensitive feet!

Once he jumped into a bathtub he starts with soaping his chest, nipples and armpits. Next Michas lays down with his legs up and butt on a full display. He takes some shower gel and massages arse cheeks gently to spread them as widely as possible next. I order this obedient boy to play a little with his hole and he even has to insert one of his fingers into that virgin anus. Still with a hairy butt greatly exposed, Michas is soaping his smooth boyish feet and teases us with wiggling these meaty suckable toes at the same time. Next he sits in the water with legs widely spread and starts cleaning his genitals paying special attention to a cock. He plays with it a little and pulls his long foreskin back and forth soaping long-hanging hairy balls as well. And now a surprise for that straight teenage boy! As I become really horny watching Michas' cleaning procedure I start wanking myself and in a meantime I decide to teach this obedient young pupil how to kiss another man's cock! Unexperienced Michas is a bit embarrassed but willing to be engaged for next shoots he takes it like a man and kisses my penis' glans reluctantly.

Another part of that exciting bath time is what I like the most - watching young straight boy's feet being greatly exposed , intensively soaped and massaged with wet soles filmed in a very close details. Michas puts his feet on the edge of bathtub and starts cleaning them properly rolling every toe and spaces between them. These tender soles are nicely wrinkly from a hot water but it only makes Michas' feet more sensitive for some other actions I've planned for him this time.


Starring: Michas, Lukasz

Runtime: 17 min

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