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video added on 7th August 2023

Cute blond boy's feet must be harshly punished for not being on time!

Kelvin is almost 19-years-old lovely boy who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. He is an ambitious student, has a part-time job, goes partying with his friends and surprisingly, he also wants to try his luck becoming a fetish model for all foot maniacs. However, I'm not sure that doing a lot of different things on the same time is the best idea. Kelvin has recently passed his exams and he wanted to do a shoot with me on that day, later in the afternoon. I was ready and waiting for him but he not only didn't come on time but also didn't pick up the phone to tell me he might be late for some reasons. Finally he arrives - almost two hours late! Therefore I tell him that the first video we're going to make is a hard punishment for his disobedient laggard feet!

Poor boy is scared and tries to excuse me for being late but I don't care. As we did a couple of tickling videos with him before, Kelvin perfectly knows how sensitive the soles of his feet are. Just finishing exams, he comes smartly dressed, with a chic white shirts and elegant black shoes and black thin socks on. Soon Kelvin jumps on a plain table with his legs straight to the camera so the soles of shoes are greatly shown. I untie the laces and take off these shiny shoes so we can see young guy's perfectly shaped feet waiting for the first harsh tormenting. I start spanking them strongly with one of these shoes. As they are firm and solid it hurts a lot - what we can see on cute Kelvin's face, quickly with a visible wince of pain.

Next I take a long wooden spoon and beat Kelvin's tender soles mercilessly. Poor boy is ordered to keep his legs straightened and steady so the only way of reactions he can do is desperate screaming and uncontrolled contortion of his teenage body. Undoubtedly, Kelvin didn't expect that this plain piece of wood might be such a cruel and painful tool to him! As soon as I remove scared boy's one of thin socks I start tormenting his sore sensitive sole with a horrible triple pin-wheel. Then I use wooden spoon again - but now with the opposite, narrow part of it. Kelvin suffers a lot as the beating continues but still I have some other nasty tools to be used in that relentless teenage feet' punishment...

NOTE: Using words like 'teenager' or 'teenage' is allowed on all adult websites (e.g. Clips4Sale) provided that they reffer strictly to these models who turn 18 before the time of shooting (but still they are 18 or 19-years-old). And that's the only way we use these words on the site.


Starring: Kelvin, Lukasz

Runtime: 18 minutes

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