PART TWO - Full HD Video

video added on 5th September 2023

Severe punishment for teenage boy's feet is being continued!

Still placed on a table, 19-years-old Kelvin obediently straightens his legs to expose these bare tender feet for a further painful punishment. I hit cute boy's sensitive soles with that wooden spoon but this time I do it really hard so soon Kelvin is not only moaning loudly but also screaming in a real agony. To torment his sore feet even more properly I also alternatively prick them with a horrible triple pin-wheel.

It's hard to say which parts of Kelvin's feet are the most sensitive - toes, heels or the middle of soles, which are greatly shaped. Anyway, soon his entire feet are simply in a real hell as I start spanking them with another tool that I've never used before. I punish scared teenage boy's soles really harsh with a long solid cardboard pipe. Undoubtedly it makes Kelvin suffering a lot as his cute eyes are quickly getting wet and visibly frightened!

To make sure that blond boy's feet are punished properly, Kelvin is told to turn over and lay on his chest and belly so I have a great access to these bare sore feet. I spank them again with an open hand what makes poor boy simply dancing in a pain agony! But the worst is still ahead of him. Next I decide to spank Kelvin's warm soles with a hard plastic shovel and it visibly takes poor boy to a real hell! He is screaming, crying, gasping and begging for mercy until I am too exhausted to torment him any longer. For sure it is one of the most crying and severe bastinado I've ever done with straight and unexperienced teenage boy.

NOTE: Using words like 'teenager' or 'teenage' is allowed on all adult websites (e.g. Clips4Sale) provided that they reffer strictly to these models who turn 18 before the time of shooting (but still they are 18 or 19-years-old). And that's the only way we use these words on the site.


Starring: Kelvin, Lukasz

Runtime: 16 minutes

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