Extra-ordinary way to torture straight boy's feet!
Water torture has long tradition starting from ancient China till nowadays America. We followed it and applied to super-sexy stud Lucas.

His ankles tied to the tap, himself half submerged in water, his feet - masculine but so vulnerable now - and exposed to alternating hot & cold sensations, his eyes-wide opened - and filled with anguish, and his whole body shaking. And it all goes on and on.

Then water jets on his huge cock, wide torso and that gorgeous face. He's gasping nervously, feeling as if he he's loosing his breath and senses.

Exposed to two extremes, reacting with his entire body and mind, he is there for you to be admired, for your perverted eyes...

Starring: Lucas, Lukasz

Runtime: 12 minutes

1280x720    147 MB

price: 9.95 USD
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