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added on 23th May 2022

Already finger-fucked, anally massaged with his bare feet greatly exposed. But now poor heterosexual boy Stas must be pegged even harder also with a wide anal-plug! This young guy will be completely humiliated in the most degrading way.

Today Stas' virgin asshole must be checked deeply for a really long time, at least for 25 minutes - you probably know that I do really like doing that torture thing;-) First, I tie this boy up, with his sexy tender feet bounded and hands up on his back to see his lower parts of body perfectly exposed. Then I put my fingers in that gaping hole - oh, that really hurts him and you can see Stas trying to squish his anus muscles. But it won't help him at all. I decide to finger-fuck him using not only one or two but even three of my fingers penetrating him at the same time. His virgin hole must be widely opened, stretched and painfully deflowered.

Poor boy Stas is still begging for mercy so it looks he suffers a lot. I am very sure that his heterosexual virginity has just been taken. My solution is simple - he must be tormented even more! Hey Stas, what do you think about having a big dildo into your hole next? Yes, the wide anal plug is coming! And I do not really care about your anal pain, you may even cry - we'd love to see it. Take it like a real straight boy, as you say!
All that torture time has just been recorded and now available for you, dear members.

Enough to say - at this moment Stas refused any further cooperation afterwards saying that 'the anal pain and humiliating is beyond my capabilities and dignity, sorry'.


Starring: Stas, Lukasz

Runtime: 25:02 min

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