Many young guys in Poland (and of course everywhere else) have recently lost their jobs due to that hard current times. Probably the only 'good' aspect this situation brought is a fact that I receive quite a lot of applications from new boys which are simply broke. One of them is cute straight boy Stas. He used to work as a shop assistant in a furniture store but as it had to be closed for more than three months they reduced an employment and without having steady contract poor Stas was simply fired at the beginning of corona pandemic.

Therefore he asked me for any opportunity to get paid as soon as possible. Sure, I want to help him but of course he will have to work hard to make ends meet. We want to see not only his perfectly shaped feet and sexy naked body but he also has to expose his tight virgin boyhole - even for an intense deflowering and anal plugging! And last but not least - Stas' feet are incredibly tender so please be sure to see great videos with severe bastinado as well as long and intense tickling tortures.


Age: 22      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.80 m/65 kg/43 EU      Sexual orientation: 100% straight      Ticklish: extremely!