Even though it's a middle of January now there has been no snow in Poland so far. The temperature is still quite high every day and it definitely looks rather like an early spring here. Well, there's no doubt that the global warming is something that really happens but honestly, I don't miss snow too much. As the weather conditions are good enough every evening there are many young people having fun and partying in the city center. A few weeks ago me and my friends went balling and after a few drinks I became bold enough to chat with some new good-looking guys that were drinking in that pub too.

From the beginning Denis, straight but very friendly engineering student was interested in being a model for the adult websites. As it was late in the night I didn't count on it too much but we exchanged our phone numbers and surprisingly he texted me the day after. Soon I invited him for the first barefoot and naked audition (that's been already added on the site). Now Denis is back - for a further and much more intense kind of adult working.

In spite of being young and a bit shy, Denis is sexually really experienced cute guy. Anyway, I think all his horizons and heterosexual limits soon will be broadened even more - especially when it comes to our favorite foot-fetish issue!


Age: 23      Height/Weight/Foot size:: 1.72 m/70 kg/43 EU      Sexual orientation: heterosexual      Ticklish: a lot!