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added on 24th March 2024

Ukrainian Soldier's Feet Must Be Severely Punished!

Heterosexual Vadim, 24yrs is an ex-army guy with very manly attitude to all crucial things and life in general. Being seriously experienced in the real army activities he's brave enough to face another task that is ahead of him - today he must expose his bare soldier's feet for the first, long and painful foot punishment.

When I explained him what bastinado really is about, Vadim replied quickly: 'Okay, very well, I consent to everything. After spending many months in the army I'm used to real pain and I'm doubtful whether my feet are at least a little sensitive'. Soon he realizes that the soles of his feet could give completely opposite answer...

Handsome Ukrainian guy is sitting obediently on a plain wooden table with his legs straightened toward camera. Soon I take Vadim's sneakers off and start beating his feet using these smelling sporty shoes. At the beginning he tries to keep smiling but as soon as I start slapping ex-soldier's soles with an open hand that smile slowly disappears. Next I take tough plastic kitchen shovel and spank every inch of Vadim's feet harder and harder. Poor guy is told to keep his legs totally straightened and feet nicely exposed for the constant tormenting but we can see he feels every single strike well and tries to hide his feet somewhere - but not this time! And still it's just the beginning...

Soon I decide to take his thin black socks off and Vadim's extra smooth soles are greatly exposed now for another part of harsh and painful punishment. That plastic spatula is being used again for hard spanking and in a few minutes ex-soldier's feet are getting warm and visibly reddish. To make him suffering even more I change the tool and start tormenting poor guy's soles with a horrific triple pin-wheel! That extremely irritating feeling makes Vadim's feet truly covered with sweat but the only way he actually has is to wiggle his toes uncontrollably. Nevertheless, still I want to torment these sensitive, military-experienced feet even harder.

Another tool is coming to the action - now it's a solid cardboard roll! I'm not sure if I've ever used it before but judging by Vadim's desperate feedback - I have no doubts I should use it more often! Poor Ukrainian guy suffers a lot when I spank his almost purple soles with that tough cardboard pipe mercilessly. He's not allowed to touch or massage his feet during that severe punishment so we can see Vadim's sweaty feet dancing in a painful agony while another strikes are coming over and over. After a few minutes of a constant severe tormenting ex-military has visible difficulties to take it any longer so I decide to give him a short break to take a breath. Bad for poor straight boy, he doesn't know it's not the over with his beaten soldier's feet yet...


Starring: Vadim, Lukasz

Runtime: 24 min

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