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added on 21st September 2022

I have no doubts - Ukrainian soldier's feet deserve proper relaxing treatment!

Straight handsome Ukrainian guy Vadim moved to Poland some time ago, before the war started. Nevertheless, he is military experienced. He spent over three years as a soldier in the first part of that awful conflict. This is the time to take care of his sexy feet. I am sure that he needs a good foot massage after being so much time with heavy military boots on!

Vadim is truly embarrassed having a pair of gay hands touching his feet. Anyway, soon his trainers are taken off and I start massaging these smooth sexy soles of a real Ukrainian soldier. I want to not only lick them but also lubricate and massage every single toe of that authentic soldier. There's nothing better than giving a pleasure to a real soldier's feet!


Starring: Vadim, Lukasz

Runtime: 16:05 min

1280 x 720

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