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added on 10th June 2022

If all Ukrainian soldiers are so brave, courageous and dominant - I would willingly serve entire army's boots and feet!

Vadim, 25-years-old straight boy from Odessa in Ukraine decided to start his new, much more peaceful life here some time ago but nevertheless he's having a lot of military experience. I was more than happy when he sent me his application for our work. Could it be any more thrilling that having a pair of male Ukrainian soldier's feet obediently exposed for our kinky pleasure?

Not shy at all but anyway, Vadim is a little blocked when it comes to gay-on-gay work. Surprisingly, during his first foot worship video he's came into the role authentically and started torturing my face and mouth with no mercy using his sweaty feet - socked and of course barefoot. I've been licking soldier's soles and sucking his toes as much as possible. Sure that I've been the one who could take control - but please trust me that's nothing better that being dominated with such a sexy male feet of a real Ukrainian soldier!


Starring: Vadim, Lukasz

Runtime: 22:51 min

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